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GFL Season SIX Award Winners

MVP - Me, Jep and Mega tie.  I had most votes in the survey but there is no doubt that GFL would not be what it is without Jep and Mega.  Jep handles the commish stuff on the console and Mega has done the scheduling and all sorts of other things.  They are the MVPs of GFL and I couldn't be any more proud that they are here.  My thanks goes out to them.

Class Act - xjet - XJET got the most votes in the survey and is without a doubt one of GFL's classiest players.  He is a tried and true, 5+ season vet, very respected and always follows the rules.  This is definitely one that the voters got correct.

SIM City - Nevino - Newcomer wrested Most SIM from Jullom in his rookie season.  I will admit, I was worried when he joined - the Giants don't have a good track record and some of our youngest members (not including Cole) have been shaky at best this season but Nevino came in, learned our system and rules and earned the respect of his peers.  I played him too and although he beat me, I can say I agree with the votes.  He's a great addition to this league.

Bandwagon - Zink - Zink is like that Police song, Every Breath You Take because no matter where, when - Zink is online pissing off dchawk with his endless chatter.  Guys like Zink make a good league great with their presence and constant mis-use of the english language.  Dat zink winsssss dat bandwagon doe.  : )

Reliable - Seahawks  dchawk got most votes in the survey and wins this award.  Anyone that's had to play dchawk knows he's easy to work with and easy to schedule with.  There are PLENTY of other guys that could have gotten this award, but dchawk earns his peers' respect and this award for Season six.

Ochocinco - Ryan - The rich get richer, but an award that's all about self promotion goes to the very deserving ryan for creating league content about the Browns.  Shoot, I'd give him the award to just read the article about the Browns blowing it again.  I have friends in real life that are Browns fans that I've let read ryan's posts and they really enjoy them.

Peter King - Jullom - Jullom stepped up to the plate and created a lot of great content with his Buc'd up Power Rankings.  He also learned along the way that babies always top the power rankings.  Cheers to him.  He's another guys I'm proud to have here!