GFL Tentative Off-Season Schedule

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GFL Tentative Off-Season Schedule

Hey guys - Here is our tentative schedule for the playoffs and off-season:

(All advances are at 9am est)
Wild Card Round - Complete
Divisional Round - Complete
Championship Round - 1/17 - 1/18
Super Bowl - 1/18 - 1/20

We will likely advance to Day one of off-season on Monday morning at 9am and begin off-season activities that evening at 9:00pm est.  The following schedule is approximately how things will go on 1/20:

1/20 @ 9am - Day 1 (Stage 1) - Re-signings
1/20 @ 9:00pm - Day 2 - Day 3 (Stage 1) - Trading & Scouting Open
1/20 @ 9:30pm - Day 4 (Stage 2) - Free Agency Begins, Trading & Scouting Open
11/21 @ 9:30pm - Day 5 (Stage 3) - Free Agency Continues, Trading & Scouting Open
11/21 @ 10pm - Day 6 (Stage 4) - Free Agency Last Day, Trading & Scouting Open
11/22 @ 9:30pm - Day 7 (Stage 5) - Trading & Scouting Open
11/22 @ 10pm - Day 8 (Stages 6 & 7) - These get skipped for some reason

The draft will depend on my schedule.  It will either be on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night beginning at 9:00pm est.  I don't know what obligations I have just yet, but Friday is the most likely day.  All draft, post draft and pre-season actions will happen on ONE night so be ready to be around for a few hours.  Assuming we get to the draft on the Friday, here's the draft night schedule:

1/24 @ 9:00pm - Day 9.1 - Draft

1/24 @ 10ish - Day 9.2 - Draft Ends and Five GFL Award winners get to select one FA from the initial, post-draft pool

1/24 @ 10:15 - Day 9.3 -
a. Remaining teams get to select one FA from the remaining initial, post draft pool
b. Teams will have approx 30 minutes to do their first practice, progress players, make their one initial FA selection and do their team’s roster cuts.

1/24 @ 10:45 - Day 9.4 -
a. Pre-season week 2 opens and ALL remaining FAs are open to sign as much as teams want/desire
b. Pre-Season weeks 2, 3 and 4 will follow a 15 minute advance format and each team will have that time to sign FAs, practice, cut, etc.

1/24 @ 11:30 - Off-Season completes and regular season opens.

These times are subject to change, but the format will remain the same.  

NOTES on the Draft - You may trade only the picks/players you have and not any future picks or for another team's future picks.  You must also have completed the trade process by 8pm est on draft night.  There will be ZERO trades allowed during the draft.  Any trade that happens during the draft will require the team to drop that player regardless of who it is.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

- Commish