Off-Season Rule Change - Switching Teams

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Off-Season Rule Change - Switching Teams

A few of you have inquired about switching teams and my answer has been a steadfast no.  My belief has been that once you join, you have your team.  That said, some ideas have come to my attention and I have decided to make a change in the rule.  

Here are the basic rules for eligibility:

1.  You may only switch teams in the off-season.
2.  You may not switch teams if you had any penalties in the previous season.
3.  You may only make one team switch during your entire GFL career.  
4.  If you quit and come back, you will not be allowed a team switch (because you already got one upon returning)
5.  The team you want to move to must be available at the time you send me your request.  See below for how to request.  I am not going to hold up a guy from joining and getting his team on the chance you get the approvals necessary to switch teams.
6.  You have not made any trades in the current off-season.
7.  You are at negative salary cap or anything deemed a bad salary cap situation with your current team.
8.  Teams are on a first come, first served basis, meaning, if I get two requests for the same team, the first to have all the required pieces in place will be served first.

Here's the process to switch teams:

1.  You must solicit the unanimous approval of each team in the division you are leaving and the one you are going to via email.  Basically, you'll send them all an email, kindly asking for their approval and when you get all their responses, you forward to me.  It must be unanimous approval.
2.  You will compensate, via current season's draft selections, to the team you are departing.
     a.  If you have completed an off-season with your team previously, the compensation is your new team's 2nd and 3rd draft picks.
     b.  If you have not completed and off-season with your team previously, the compensation is your new team's 3rd and 4th picks.
3.  The process must be complete by the beginning of the current season's draft.

Once you have all these pieces in place, you may move to your new team.