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Season 7 Details - EVERYONE READ!

Hey guys - For those of you that weren't online last night, the Super Bowl had to be simulated because Indy and Atlanta couldn't connect for some reason.  After a long time trying to connect, they both agreed to simulate it.  Zink won the sim (after narrowly defeating me in a play-in game for a little AFC respect and my only chance to ever see the playoffs in my GFL career).  HDSnob and Zink will get a split banner in the forum to commemorate their achievements.  To their credit, neither one of them wanted to make the whole league wait 2 extra days to try to play again under different circumstances.  That is very, very, very cool of them and they deserve a thank you for putting the league ahead of themselves.  That said, the off-season schedule got a little messed up last night since we were waiting for them to try to play the game.  

BEFORE WE GET TO THE SCHEDULE - The Off-Season Owner Feedback poll is now published right on the website, beneath the chat.  If you want to go to the poll itself, here's the link:

Remember, the Owner feedback is how I decide the GFL Award winners.  If you don't know what those are, go to this link and read up on the Off-Season Rules and how we do off-seasons here at GFL.!offseason-and-fa-rules/c1875

LEAGUE CRAWLER - As some of you know, I have started a free, new community service called League Crawler for helping good leagues and owners find one another. The idea is anyone can join and submit any Gamertag, PSNID or Legaue and submit ratings and comments on them. It's basically an extension of what this form does but to help leagues find better owners and people looking for a league to find ones that are worth joining.  If you would, please take a moment and visit the site - create an account and rate our league!


3/30 - We advanced to the Off-Season.  Re-signing players is open.  Trading & Scouting Open
3/31 @ 9pm - Advance to Free Agency Day 1 - Trading & Scouting Open
3/31 @ 10:00pm - Advance to Free Agency Day 2 - Trading & Scouting Open
4/1 @ 9pm - Advance to last day of Free Agency - Trading & Scouting Open
4/1 @ 10:00pm - Free Agency ends and we advance up to the  Trading & Scouting Open

The draft will be on Wed night at 8:00 pm est.  All draft, post draft and pre-season actions will happen in ONE night so be ready to be around for a few hours.  Here's the draft night schedule:

4/2 @ 9:00pm - Day 9.1 - Draft

4/2 @ 10:30ish - Day 9.2 - Draft Ends and Five GFL Award winners get to select one FA from the initial, post-draft pool

4/2 @ 10:45 - Day 9.3 -
a. Remaining teams get to select one FA from the remaining initial, post draft pool
b. Teams will have approx 30 minutes to do their first practice, progress players, make their one initial FA selection and do their team’s roster cuts.

4/2 @ 11:00 - Day 9.4 -
a. Pre-season week 2 opens and ALL remaining FAs are open to sign as much as teams want/desire
b. Pre-Season weeks 2, 3 and 4 will follow a 15 minute advance format and each team will have that time to sign FAs, practice, cut, etc.

4/2 @ 11:30 - Off-Season completes and regular season opens.

These times are subject to change, but the format will remain the same.  

NOTES on the Draft - You may trade only the picks/players you have and not any future picks or for another team's future picks.  You must also have completed the trade process by 8pm est on draft night.  There will be ZERO trades allowed during the draft.  Any trade that happens during the draft will require the team to drop that player regardless of who it is.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

- Commish